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Are your TLD domains extensions good enough?

Are your TLD domains extensions good enough?

July 17, 2020

TLD domains extensions: We all see an avalanche of super diversified TLD. But did you know that some of them may make your Landing page be shut down?

**(For newbies, what is a TLD?  – TLD domains extensions 

Top-level domains (TLDs) are the extension of your domain. .com, .org, and .edu are the most prominent ones, but many more are around, .xyz, .biz, .gdn…)

Suspicious TLDs — domains ending with things like .xyz, .gq, .country, .stream, — are popular with cybercriminals because they are usually cheaper to obtain than more universally recognized TLDs.

TLD domains extensions, This allows the bad guys to register a chain of highly similar top-level domains (like,, and spread their unwanted or malicious ads continuously. When one domain is flagged and shut down, the just move to the next one.

These domains also pose a real challenge for dealing with them, because while many have malicious activity, many are also perfectly clean.

Bottom line: TLD domains extensions

1- Run away from suspicious TLD.
2- Make sure your traffic provider, like us at Yeesshh, is reasonable enough to get rid of scam, letting decent advertisers live in peace. We partner with people that come from the business and understand that, beyond fundamentalism. and with guys like Adsecure, Checklynx or Botman, we let advertising go, pausing abusive practice.

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