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Foamball Holdings

We are hyper-focused in special ad formats that overperform: Pops and redirects.

We cover the globe, all devices (mobile and desktop), with traffic coming from our own network of publishers, and leading the exchanges with partners specialized like us.

All traffic is accessible via self-serve platform made for conversion-focused campaigns, keyword-targeted campaigns or affiliate marketing expert using programmatic techniques.

Yeesshh is owned by Foamball holdings, a private Spanish entity, that consolidates the various activities of the group over the globe.

In the press:

FINANCIAL TIMES picks up Yeesshh as one of European fastest-growing companies.

MARTECH OUTLOOK awards Yeesshh as a top 10 European solution provider.

Who we are

We connect to exclusive private marketplaces, with an impression by impression live buy, based on an advanced bidding system.

We created Yeesshh in late 2015, when we saw the arrival of programmatic, and anticipated the need to have specialists handling redirect format (non-RTB supported formats). Founders are advertising veteran JC and ad tech enthusiast Emile. The team is completed with multicultural entrepreneurial innovators. This unique combination of digital nomads brings speed, curiosity, and relentlessly challenges the way business is done. So we keep a high speed in adapting to our fast-changing environment.

What we offer

We believe all starts with traffic, so we uncover supply one cannot get elsewhere, we then heavily filter traffic, in order to provide unparalleled performance geared traffic. We exclusively work with live performance advertisers, basing our models on facts, adapting at the light speed our bids.

We focus on redirect, massive, high-quality traffic. Technology is geared to serve this purpose: we focus on trading and delivering explosive results, not on maintaining complex systems. Of course, we develop our proprietary components, when nothing equivalent exists on the market.