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Advertisers - Access millions of real users in Real-Time Bidding

Traffic is everything, we hunt relentlessly untapped sources for you. Our predictive bid management updates campaigns on a granular level. On average, we manage 120.000 CPM bids every second in order to increase your performance.

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Publishers - Monetize your Desktop and Mobile traffic

Looking to monetize your traffic at the best value? Plug Yeesshh and get more money from the same traffic. We analyze every publisher, tune for what will pay most on your audience, and deliver the best monetization for you.

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Top Quality Redirect & Pop Traffic for your Ads

Redirect, OnClick, Domain Parking, Popunders, Popups, Interstitials, Desktop & Mobile

Yeesshh gives you access to exclusive advertising traffic for different types of pop ads: pop up, pop-under, new tab, interstitial, on click, and redirect

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We give you $15 on your first $100 top-up.

You will get the extra traffic credited to your account once you have spent at least $100.

You will be asked to give feedback on your first experience with the platform and once received your answer, the credit will be immediately added to your account.

Credit can be consumed at any time and is not refundable. Promotion is valid once for each new advertiser.

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What we do at Yeesshh

We believe everything starts with the traffic, so we uncover supply one cannot get elsewhere, and that mainstream networks do not cover, what we call unconventional ad units. We then heavily filter traffic, in order to provide an unparalleled performance geared traffic. The focus is on both mobile and desktop. All traffic is accessible via our self-serve platform made for conversion-focused campaigns.

Experience & Youth

Who we are at Yeesshh

Yeesshh was created back in 2015, anticipating the need to have more “special formats” not available in common networks. The team is made of experienced media buyers, and innovative business people, who know what counts and relentlessly challenge the company in what it does. In other words, our DNA allows us to keep a high speed in adapting to your fast-changing environments and bring you competitiveness.


What we offer you at Yeesshh

We exclusively work with live performance advertisers, basing our models on facts, adapting at the light speed our bids. Technology is geared to serve this purpose: we focus on trading and delivering exploding results, not on maintaining complex systems. Therefore, we develop our proprietary components, when nothing equivalent exists on the market.

Join Yeesshh today and let's start our path together towards success.

Whether you are an advertiser, a publisher, or both at the same time, we are here to help you grow your business and generate more profits. Lets start our journey together TODAY!