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Cloakers aggressive ads and bad ads

Cloakers aggressive ads and bad ads

July 23, 2020

Aggressive Ads: For us, there are no “bad ads”, we’ve been around for many years and see a lot of subjectivity when telling if an ad is good or bad!

We draw very clear lines though: Aggressive Ads

  1. The ad has to be in line with the law
  2. The ad has to fit the Publisher framework. Truth is that publishers are very different: some do not want some kind of ads when others obsessively go for money and put no limits…

So, with each publisher, aggressive ads – fYEwe discuss and define the type of ads he accepts, and commit to delivering only accepted type of ads.

Then, with each advertiser, we ask to disclose what advertisement they will show, and match with adequate sources of traffic. If the advertisement is too aggressive for certain sources, we simply filter this ad for our most sensible traffic source.

Of course, we also verify ads, and publishers verify ads, and specialized partners verify ads… and of course, some smart people trick others, pushing un-wanted ads where they should not… well the eternal old story…

So when this happens, we apply sanctions.

The first accident, well, is an accident. So we pause the campaign, ask for a $1.000 extra deposit for security, and go live again.

The second accident, well is more like a “pattern”. So we apply a penalty of $1.000 and request another deposit of $5.000 before launching the campaign again.

The third accident… well this is no more accidental, it is an addiction: we shut down the advertiser account definitively and apply the $5.000 penalty.

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