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Why pop traffic?

Why pop traffic?

July 23, 2020

pop traffic: When we talk to new advertisers, it’s important to let them know right from the beginning that we deliver pop traffic.

In fact, some of them ask us why do we only work with pops, but the answer is pretty simple: the income potential is higher than other types of advertising such as banners for instance.

POP Traffic –

In fact, when a page pops-up in front of you on your screen, you get direct traffic to your home page, and traffic is infinitely more important than via banners clicks. Well, yeah, quality is not the same, but VOLUMES compensates it wisely!

Of course, we don’t put ourselves in the shoes of the user; no one likes receiving a pop when we want to watch a movie on streaming or when we are going on our gambling/gaming website.

But we also know, all the services we get are for free, so advertising is essential to keep the free of charge web running!

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