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why we need surfers in our company?

why we need surfers in our company?

July 17, 2020

surfers in our company – “If you freak out with constant change, go to the beach and look at surfers. First, you will relax. And you will also learn how your company will get better.” 

Yeesshh is taking fun juggling with innovations in a chaotic environment, follow his co-founder, JC Petit who explains here why his company, since day 1, is obsessed with waves and water movement…

“Digital technologies” (yes, again, that boring buzz!) seem to lead us to a wonderful world. Yes, wonderful, but also scary. Thinking of our job evolution in a few year’s time is enough to get concerned: will we be working in 50 years’ time? Who will? Doing what?

But this anxiety can turn into extraordinary positive energy if trust in humans is the core of company DNA.

So, how do humans get energized by change rather than terrified? Well, go to the beach and watch the surfers. As simple as that. The bigger the waves, the more they smile when they come out of the water.

They are not crazy: they know how to train, to exchange to find the best spot, and to tune their equipment. What better education for business when the waves of disruption are higher and more unpredictable each day?

Train to trust, first of all – surfers in our company

We are talking about collective intelligence, where each can be a fundamental trigger for all. There is nothing to expect from nice friendly meetings.

Let’s be blunt, with three basic actions: 1 / have a high-level of trust management and apply it to the teams on a daily basis, 2 / create a liquid framework empowering collaboration 3 / invest selectively on capable humans, able to operate in this framework. Others are dispensable and no time should be spent with them.

The software comes second

that is to say, allow anyone to tell what’s the best spot. The creation of grass rooted culture, cross-functional, on major topics of the company responds to this issue. Another aspect is to challenge our vision of the workplace, forget walls, share space with other companies, allow remote work as a core culture, diversifying as much as possible the talents you work with.

surfers in our company – The wave, finally

meaning, the fast-moving environment. Don’t fight it, don’t run away, don’t try to control it, simply play with it. By daring to pose to the organization ambitious and complex challenges, that no individual can solve alone, you impel genuine and joyful collaboration, where failure is accepted, as a preliminary step to success.

New behaviors, new methods, new talents: the disruption of pure players carries with it a large part of the solutions for a successful business.

surfers in our company, It is possible to grasp it, make it yours, embed it in your culture, and make it a beautiful experience for all the employees. So, if at the next wave of a technological break, next crisis, you see your teams smile, you’ll know you’ve won!

Thank you to the 01 business forum and David Naim who inspired me to write a few words on my belief and enthusiasm to ride the storm waves in this challenging fluctuating environment every day.

JC is co-founder of Yeesshh, a digital advertisement broker, trading millions of clicks 24/7 around the globe, with extensive usage of sophisticated and disruptive technologies.

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