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Scam the scammers

Scam the scammers

July 23, 2020

Scam the scammers: Scamming users is an easy and relevant source to generate money. The industry knows it, and everything happens as if everybody allows it, a little bit, as long as it is marginal, and does not jeopardize the bigger business.

Well, little rats reproduced rapidly and made this marginal business their core. You know, those guys playing two or three digits, and that is happy about it. The problem is that we start to see more and more of these guys, playing with what we consider marginal. And these guys start to be a pain in the neck

Lately, via our self-serve platform, we had the case of one of those guys. Basically, they come to buy CPM traffic, playing on the grey area of what can be done or not.

Scam the scammers –

Then, when they reach a ridiculous number, regardless of their results, they turn back and start claiming they are not satisfied with the results, started calling us scammers (what an irony!), looses minimal professional behavior, threats to scam blogs about our reputation, and files claims with payment provider…

To make it clear: we do not sell conversions but traffic so bad results is not us to be blamed of. Plus, if the campaign is a little bit shady, of course, it will not run on the most demanding publishers.

Well, that says a lot about little rats, fake clients that want to acquire free traffic…a real B2B scammer.

It’s always tacky to do business with those kinds of people and there will be more and more scammers in the future. This is why we must put a lot of interest in filtering (or not) our new partners and our legal terms, to make sure we avoid these kinds of situations. Alternatively, a minimum payment can be asked, as many do, but being an affiliate that started from scratched, I wanted to leave beginners with an option to join…

The bottom line, do not be naive. If a new advertiser is able to put stars in your eyes by saying that he will be able to pay thousands of dollars daily, that means that you will trust anything. Since I started working in this industry, I’ve always had people saying they will be able to pay more than $2K a day but never spent more than $20. Of course, the tech support guys will always try to do more or less the same and it won’t take long in order to know what are their real goals.

I hope you found this reading interesting. Keep the pop industry running!

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