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Risk Management

Risk Management

July 23, 2020

Risk Management: Having massive traffic is one thing, but delivering good results is another. Of course, you can’t be one without being the other, but people do not always get it.

New to business advertisers would think that if they pay a certain amount of money for specific traffic, it must bring a certain conversion percentage.

Risk Management – Tracking System

But here comes the problem: RTB publishers do not sell conversions, they sell traffic. Risk Management So often we have had advertisers complaining about the fact that they spent $X and they did not receive enough conversions.

There is a simple solution: PUT IN PLACE A DAMNED TRACKING SYSTEM!. With a tracking system (S2S callback), you, and we, know exactly what works or not.

Even if losing some money in the first days (count on approx $1.000 spend to reach your minimum learning curve), then you get only traffic that works for you.

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